Best Places to visit in Kotagiri and Best Things to do in Kotagiri

Elk Fall

The surroundings of the falls are equally entrancing as the fall itself, with a European house lying near the spot glorifying the British architecture.

Longwood Shola

Longwood Shola is a place that offers tourists a wide spectrum of Kotagiri's wilderness in its full prime. A dense and a thick cover of evergreen forest, the place inhabits animals like flying fox and Indian Bison.


Adorned with beautiful tea estate, lush green surrounding, rumbling rivers and meadows, Kotagiri-Kodanad serves as the most popular trail in the town.

Catherine Fall

The entire area around the Catherine waterfalls is covered with beautiful greenery of the forest of Nilgiris, tea plantations, and the plains of Mettupalayam.

Rangasamy Peak and Pillar

Considered to be a sacred hill, Rangasamy Hill houses a holy shrine devoted to Lord Rangasamy.

Kodanand View Point

A beautiful view awaits you here at Kodanand View Point which looks over a splendid sight of Rangaswamy Peak, Dolphin's Nose, Catherine Fall and Rangaswamy Pillar.