The Untold Stories Behind US Strangest Spots

1. Mütter Museum, Philadelphia : A place with strange medical things. Old tools, body parts, and weird health stories.

2. The Wave, Utah : Wavy rock shapes in the desert. They look unreal and are made by nature over time.

3. Fly Ranch Geyser, Nevada : A colorful water fountain from the ground, made by accident. It has bright colors because of minerals.

4. Leila's Hair Museum, Missouri: A museum of art made from hair. There are hair necklaces and pictures, which is quite odd.

5. Eternal Flame Falls, New York: A waterfall with a fire behind it. The fire doesn't go out because of natural gas.

6. The Gum Wall, Washington: A wall covered in chewed gum. Lots of people stuck their gum there, making it colorful but sticky.

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