a unique trip to Europe

Istanbul, Turkey

Discover the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, shop at the Grand Bazaar, and cruise the Bosphorus Strait.

Vienna, Austria

Enjoy classical music concerts, visit Schönbrunn Palace, and savor traditional Viennese coffee and pastries.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Explore the historic Edinburgh Castle, hike up Arthur's Seat, and immerse in the city's rich literary heritage.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walk the medieval city walls, visit Game of Thrones filming locations, and swim in the Adriatic Sea.

Santorini, Greece

Experience stunning sunsets in Oia, relax on black sand beaches, and explore ancient ruins in Akrotiri.

Prague, Czech Republic

Wander through the historic Old Town, admire Prague Castle, and enjoy a scenic Vltava River cruise.