The Hidden Gems' Secret Hikes for Ultimate Adventure in United States

Hidden Creek Trail

1.5 miles of easy hiking leading to Hidden Creek, Skillak Lake, and Kenai Mountains with family-friendly fishing spots.

A challenging 32.5-mile trek offers opportunities to spot elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, black bears, and gray wolves.

White Cloud Mountains

Hike through serene lakes, Indian paintbrush, and 5,000-foot tall granite peaks in Oregon's largest wilderness.

Eagle Cap Wilderness

A spectacular 3-mile hike featuring three peaks, with the highest providing breathtaking views through the clouds.

Mount Olomana

A historical multi-use trail passing by Dripping Cave, offering a glimpse into Native American and outlaw hideout history.

Dripping Cave Trail

A challenging 30.5-mile trail in Grand Teton National Park offering spectacular views of Teton spires and wildlife.

Southern Tetons