7 Gorgeous Lakes In Himachal Pradesh To Visit This Winter In 2023 

Known for its stunning scenery, Khajjiar Lake is surrounded by evergreen cedar trees at 1920m above sea level.

Prashar Lake is a serene destination surrounded by snow-capped mountains at 2730m. Trek here to soak in the peaceful vibes.

The crescent-shaped Chandra Taal at 4300m is ideal for camping under starry skies. It's one of the highest lakes in India.

Renuka Lake is the largest natural lake in Himachal at 672m. Boating and the annual Renukaji Fair are popular activities.

At 4890m, Suraj Tal offers picture-perfect views of the Lahaul Valley. Trek along the river to reach this glacial lake.

Check out ancient Buddhist temples near the serene Nako Lake at 3662m. Poplar trees reflect beautifully on its clear waters.

ike to the stunning Bhrigu Lake at 4300m for unbelievable views. Its emerald waters make it an awesome trekking destination.