showing you some of Delhi's haunting locations—do you dare go in?

Mythical lake, alleged site of murders, now a park. Haunted reputation, attracts curiosity about its eerie past. 

Khooni Jheel in Delhi, infamous pond, rumored haunted, historical tales, mystery shrouded, attracts curious visitors, chilling past, eerie atmosphere. 

Karkardooma Court- Lawyers have shared bone-chilling ncounterswith blinking lights, door opening on there own and chairs flying

Bhoot wala peepal- A spirit is said to be haunt the area , her cause of death was enigma.

Khooni Dawaza- Peope claim they were slapped and pushed by unknown entity.

Mutniy Memorial- when night falls: Delhi ghosts haunts! Experience he hair-raising sights.

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