Showing you the top cafes in CP where you must go

Woodbox Cafe

Their rich & aromatic coffees are the perfect.

Cafe Tonino 

Frittata Siciliana, Pasta Sana, Chocolate Lasagne, Gnocchi, Bruschetta and Tiramisu are some of the specialities here.

The Big Chill Cafe 

If you are feeling exhausted, the cheese pull here will mesmerize you alot.

Cafe MRP

The menu here includes Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Egg Pakora, Paneer Tikka, Cheese Balls, Sangria and Lasagna.

Cha Bar 

Cardamom Chai, Passion Fruit Iced Tea, Earl Gray Tea, Bun Tikki, Rose Tea and Smoked Chicken Pasta are all available here.

United Coffee House 

a variety of wine cocktails are served at your will.

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