Best Skydiving destinations in India

1. Mysore, Karnataka: Breathtaking views from Chamundi Hills, a favorite for its high altitude and clear skies.

2. Aamby Valley City, Maharashtra: Offers mesmerizing skydiving experience over picturesque landscapes of the Western Ghats.

3. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu: A blend of French charm and adrenaline, with stunning coastal views during the free fall.

4. Deesa, Gujarat: Situated by a lake, it's one of the first government-certified drop zones for skydiving in India.

5. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh: Skydive over the heart of India with a unique aerial perspective of the serene landscapes.

6. Narnaul, Haryana: Known as India's only International Skydiving Destination for its high-standard facilities and clear skies.