Best Restaurants To Visit In CP This Valentine's Day  

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Berco's is one of the best restaurants in CP and is known for its Chinese and Thai dishes throughout the Delhi-NCR region.



The Zen restaurant, which opened its doors 25 years ago, is still the most well-liked Oriental restaurant in Connaught Place.


Ardor 2.1

This place has a chic rooftop where you can savor their delectable food and sip on bubbling beverages.


Warehouse Cafe

Warehouse cafe is one of the most loaded cafes in CP. Justifying its name, the menu is vast and you might find it difficult in choosing what to eat.


AMA Café 

Signature Cafe

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Lords Of  The Drinks

The title Lord of the Drinks is appropriate! Drinks of every kind are available—you name it, they have it! It is one of cp's most elegant restaurants.


Kake Da Hotel

Non-vegetarians will find paradise at Kake Da Hotel. The phenomenal Kadhai Chicken, which will definitely make you want more, is a standout feature of this place.


Farzi Cafe

The Farzi Cafe is undoubtedly the most affordable cafe you will find in CP.


Odeon social

Garam Dharam