Amritsar's Food Fiesta: A Must-Try List

Langar Ka Prasad: Spiritual and soulful, a simple yet divine meal at the Golden Temple.

Amritsari Kulcha: Iconic stuffed bread, crispy delight, served with chana masala and tangy tamarind chutney.

Kulcha Land Delights: Authentic, diverse kulcha varieties, perfect for breakfast or lunch in Amritsar.

Friends Dhaba: Indulge in spicy, butter-laden keema naan, a meat lover’s fantasy.

Surjit Food Plaza: Savory kababs and mutton tikka, a blend of traditional spices and cooking style.

Beera Chicken House: Unique, spice-marinated, perfectly roasted tandoori chicken, a local favorite since 1972.

Pal Da Dhaba: Specializing in Kharode ka Shorba (lamb trotter soup), a local culinary delight.

Kesar Da Dhaba: Vegetarian paradise serving mouth-watering maa ki daal and smoky baigan bharta.

Ahuja Milk Bhandar: Thick, creamy lassi in Amritsar, a must-try Punjabi classic.

Hall Bazaar Eats: Enjoy immense fruit cream and kulfa, a refreshing treat for your taste buds.