Best Bakeries in San Jose, CA and Must Try Things There

1. Mexico Bakery

What to try?: Arroz con Leche cups, Carne asada torta, chicken, quesadillas, pan dulce, burrito

2. 85° Bakery Cafe

What to try?: Macha coco bun, coffee creme brulee, macchiato cake, green matcha roll

3. Bijan Bakery and Cafe – Persian/ European style bakery 

What to try?: Kotlet sandwich, almond cookies, salami and mushroom panini, pastry

4. Cocola – French style cafe 

What to try?: Almond croissant, pastry, tarts, coconut macaroon, mango and passion fruit mousse

5. Peter’s Bakery – best customized cakes in San Jone

What to try?: Burnt almond cake, cream puffs, apricot danishes, beer claws

6. Milohas – best empanada and cake in San Jose

What to try?: Empanada, cheese arepas, cakes, guava finger, pastry

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