Nature's Oasis: Bannerghatta National Park

Diverse Wildlife: Home to 2,388 animals across 137 species, showcasing incredible biodiversity.

Establishment History: Founded in 1970, Bannerghatta became a national park in 1974.

Location Advantage: Situated just 22 km south of Bangalore, easily accessible for visitors.

Area and Expanse: Spans a vast 260.51 square kilometers, offering extensive natural landscapes.

Zoological Garden: In 2002, part of the park transformed into the Bannerghatta Biological Park.

Unique Attractions: Features a Butterfly Park dedicated to conserving diverse butterfly species.

Safari Experience: Offers Lion and Tiger Safaris in naturalistic enclosures.

Educational Opportunities: Audio guides and summer camps for an informative and engaging experience.

Visitor Facilities: Well-organized staff, ample walking space, and permission to carry own food.

Conservation Efforts: Actively involved in wildlife conservation and species protection initiatives.